Coupon Codes & Discounted Offers

Current Coupon Codes for November:

MILITARY - Save 10% off entire order


Black Friday SALE November 24th 

Coupon Code: FIRSTAID = 15% OFF All First Aid Products 

Coupon Code: COOKING = 20% OFF All Biolite Products

Coupon Code: VITUL = 30% OFF All Vitul Brands 

Coupon Code: STRONGUR = 40% OFF All Strongur Brands 

Coupon Code: HYBEAM = 50% OFF All Hybeam Brands 

Coupon Code: STONEMOUNTAIN = 75% OFF All Stone Mountain Brands

Coupon Code: HOFFMANRICHTER = 50% OFF All Hoffman Richter Brands

Coupon Code: SPIDERCORD = 40% OFF All Spidercord Brands

Coupon Code: EVERSTRYKE = 35% OFF All Everstryke Brands

Coupon Code: GIFTCARDS = 20% OFF Gift Cards up to $259*

(This discount requires a $25 minimum purchase. Limited to one use per customer.)

Coupon Code: TACTICAL = 15% OFF All Tactical Knives 

Coupon Code: SURVIVAL = 10% OFF All Clothing

(This discount requires a $15 minimum purchase.)


Special Offers & Coupon Code Limitations:

*Only one coupon code can be used per transaction

*Minimum purchase amounts may apply

*Coupon codes will be in limited supply

*No refunds given for gift card purchases

*Gift cards are not emailed instantly, they will be available upon package delivery 

*Offer cannot be combined with any other coupon code

*Applies to US domestic shipping only

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