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  • Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen
  • Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen
  • Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen


Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen

$29.99 $49.95


The Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen is an incredibly well engineered piece of equipment, made of solid aircraft grade aluminum and milled to perfection, so that it is incredibly strong and durable, while still performing all the functions of a “normal” Pen.

Not only can you use it to stop an attacker dead in his tracks and drop him like a bad habit, but it can also be used as a glass-breaking device in the event that you find yourself trapped in a vehicle, or building and are otherwise unable to escape through the door.



  • Overall Length: 10.5"
  • DURABLE AND RUGGED - Made from impact resistant aircraft grade aluminum and hand-machined out of one solid block of aluminum, you will be proud to own this titanium coated pen.
  • GLASS BREAKER - The beveled edge works equally well for self defense and for breaking glass if you need an emergency escape.
  • DISCREET - Whether you're wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a three-piece suit, no one will know you're carrying this tactical pen in your pocket, every day carry kit, or purse.
  • EASY TO USE - Regardless of size or sex, virtually anyone could use this premium pen - which can take replaceable ink cartridges! - either as their regular writing tool...or a powerful self defense tool.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Rest easy because your tactical pen is protected by Hoffman Richter's Ironclad Lifetime Warranty; Their satisfaction and quality guarantee makes these tactical pens great gifts for family or friends, too.

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